The Top Tips For Creative Retargeting

If you are wondering what you should include in your creative when retargeting visitors we have just the thing — the top tips for creative retargeting, helping you increase your response and close the sale.

Envision a world where each visitor to your site stacks his or her basket with significant, high-margin products and services. They cheerfully navigate the checkout procedure and finish their exchange on their first visit. Then a cherry on top, they will even agree to accept your marketing emails.

How fantastic would that be? Unfortunately in reality (tragically) this isn’t likely to be the case. Did you know just under 15% of buyers will make a buy on their first visit to your site, so understanding where, when and what your visitors are doing even more important to ensure they make a second visit and come back.
Just throwing the same old creative and marketing material out there and retargeting them in the hopes they will return just isn’t enough anymore. To ensure a second visit and more importantly to complete the conversion it is vital to provide a strong and consistent message, grabbing your audience’s attention and them the motivation to result in a return visit.

You’re Creative

1. Catchy Creative – Ensure you use catchy images and interactive media wherever possible, make sure that it catches the eye and the vibe of your brand. Keep in mind, ads with interactive media such as video and games can generate up to 10x the response. A must is, keep your style consistent across your marketing material so it becomes a calling card for your brand. If at a glance your customer knows who the ad belongs to, you’ve already won half the battle.
Straight to the point

2. When retargeting you won’t have much time to convince your potential customer that they need to give you a second look and chance, be direct cut through the clutter and provide a tailored message that’s straight to the point. The use of a bold typeface is best, especially when working with limited attention spans.

3. Be Unique – Make sure your ad’s unique on brand and has distinct visuals; if you’ve got this for your almost home… it is time to reel them in. Include a strong call-to-action that motivates your would-be customer to click through and complete their transaction. This could be something as simple as “Shop Now” helping provide a little nudge needed to convert a sale.

4. Promotion – Visitors love nothing better than a promotion and keep in mind the is no shortage of online stores, so to give yourself an edge try incentivising your retargeting campaign. Discounts, free delivery, free trials, 2-4-2 offers — if you’ve got a good promotion, make sure your customers know it. A top tip is to include a countdown timer this gives your potential customers a sense of urgency.

5. Variety – Make sure you don’t use the same dated colours and formatting for every campaign, Provide variety, create a few variants of the exact same creative and set this on rotation after a week review and proceed with the creative that provided the highest conversion (this isn’t always the creative with the highest click through rate). Research shows that a campaigns performance can drop by as much as 50% after just five months, so make sure you create a variety of different creative’s and Keep it Fresh!!.

Keep these top creative tops in mind and you’re onto a winner, a fresh, direct and engaging campaign will help you win customers and increase your conversions.

The dream of shopping basked stacked high for first time visitors may remain just that – a dream and a wish – you can at least ensure you are engaging your would-be customers at every stage and provide them with a reason to return.