Seed up your Android Device

Is the lag on Android Device currently driving you Crazy? Unfortunately, this lag can be very common, The great news is that there are a couple of tweaks make it snappier.



For an operating system update you will be prompted by your own Android device from time to time. It might have new features available and is a good idea to complete these upgrades as they contain data to fix any bugs. As some may depend to help keep it working properly, updates can also influence the compatibility of existing programs on the phone.


We wind up with quite a few apps on our phones that we place and download on a whim as time goes on. But what about the apps you downloaded previously that you haven’t used in a while? They will be taking up unnecessary space if they’re still there but not being used. A quick clean up of your apps could really help to give your smartphone the boost it needs.

If you are looking to clean up your android device and dont know where to start – try C Cleaner available for free on Google Play, this app allows one click tune-up of your android device removing all those unnecessary files.


Advanced Task Manager — this will list everything that is running and will let some or all of the apps close simply by tapping on a button.

IT’s a common misconception that if you exit an app you’re closing it but with an Android device it keeps it running in the background until you return to it. This is normally one of the main causes of a device running slowly, with a lot of data or draining the battery (usually all three!) . You will need to go to the settings menu where you can tap on the app from the application manager, and tap it again to close it to close a program. Most smartphones that are new will have a menu which will allow you to view what’s running and normally close them out there.


Another space-saving option is to simply delete any multimedia or apps that you desire as this is going to take up space that again can be used for something else. It should also keep the machine crashing on the apparatus and running help to stop freezing and more healthily. You can save some space on your own Android smartphone in a few ways. However, this can’t be done. Some apps can also be transferred there, but in many cases the memory to operate is required by certain programs.


Although they can be quite useful tools for everyday use, they can also utilize several processes that will take a chunk of memory up. You will help to improve your phone’s reaction times, by eliminating some of these. That is not to say you should not use any at all — just use them. We hope a few of these suggestions will help to boost your Android Device. You can let us know below, when you have any comments about any of the above steps.