Seed up your Android Device

Is the lag on Android Device currently driving you Crazy? Unfortunately, this lag can be very common, The great news is that there are a couple of tweaks make it snappier.   UPDATES For an operating system update you will be prompted by your own Android device from time to time. It might have new features […]

Improving your iPhone battery life

TIPS TO GET EVEN BETTER BATTERY LIFE Here are some quick tips if you wish to attempt to expand your battery even further. Turn off Bluetooth – Settings > General > Bluetooth. Bluetooth is only needed if you frequently use hands-free. Reduce Screen Brightness – Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper. Use the slider to adjust the brightness […]

Meet the Microsoft HoloLens

When Microsoft teased the public with the concept of the HoloLens in early 2015, many believed it was just another example of ‘vapourware’ – a fantastic product that’s announced with much fanfare, only to disappear into thin air, never to be seen again. But flash forward twelve months, and Microsoft’s ‘augmented reality’ system has become […]

Sound for Games

An extension of this emotive building block in games is the music and audio soundtrack. Music has a profound effect on human emotional response, indeed many can catalogue the various highlights and trauma of their life through song or music tracks. Music used in many games is often incidental rather than containing themes for various […]