The Best Android launchers

Android is a operating system, powering a large proportion of phones out there. One of the keys to its success to the program is customisable quirky icons, with attributes — and new layouts. But to benefit from the very dramatic customisation options, you will want to set up a ‘launcher’ app — and now, I […]

Improving your iPhone battery life

TIPS TO GET EVEN BETTER BATTERY LIFE Here are some quick tips if you wish to attempt to expand your battery even further. Turn off Bluetooth – Settings > General > Bluetooth. Bluetooth is only needed if you frequently use hands-free. Reduce Screen Brightness – Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper. Use the slider to adjust the brightness […]

Understand Software Technologies

The vast majority of computers utilise Graphical API (Application Programming interface), API’s assist programmers in the creation of applications. API employ various preset data structures, libraries, routes & operating system services to assist in the creation of applications, an example of a graphical API is DirectX. DirectX created by Microsoft Corp. in 1995 was Microsoft’s […]